Serendipity Healing
Awakening the Healer Within




Serendipity Healing empowers one to discover the pathways to initiate the healing within their entire being, changing their body’s course to one of optimal wellness and empowerment. The combined massage modalities can relieve cellular memory within the muscle tissue to clear physical and emotional residue before it manifests into disease, or stop the progression of existing disharmony.  



Serendipity Healing Massage uses a blend of Eastern and Western massage techniques applied with intentional healing energies. Preformed in combination, or as single modalities, the massage techniques will result in: more energy, decrease pain, reduce stress, less tension in your body, calmer emotions, decreased anxiety and feelings of overwhelm, more restful sleep, increase mental clarity and creativity, and increased feelings of peace, joy and well-being.








                                                         Your body has the ability to heal itself more than anyone has allowed you to believe!